alisha thomas morgan

Dear Friend,

After spending several months on the campaign trail, last night I respectfully conceded the race for State School Superintendent to my opponent.

I have been beyond blessed over the past several months to travel across our state and speak to voters of every stripe. Black and white, young and old, urban and rural – what I know for sure is that there are thousands of Georgians who are desperate for a change in our public education system, and know that we need new ideas to turn our schools around and provide all of our children the highest-quality public education.

I am beyond humbled by the support our campaign has garnered from all over, and I am proud of how our campaign has helped to catalyze an important conversation within the Democratic Party about how we deliver education to our children. Our work now is to continue this discussion, respectfully and intentionally, to make sure we do what is in the best interest of children. While I am disappointed we were not successful in last night’s contest, our campaign was never about politics. Our campaign was a movement to transform public education in our state – a movement that has gained considerable momentum throughout the life of this campaign, and a movement that will hopefully continue to grow until every child in Georgia has access to the high-quality public education they deserve – regardless of their racial background, socioeconomic status or home address.

I want to send a special thank you to each of you — every person throughout this state and nation who has supported our campaign. Every vote cast, every dollar donated, every tweet and every word of encouragement has meant the world to my team and I, and I take none of it for granted.

Make no mistake, our work is not over. Our public schools are still in crisis, and it is going to take vision and courage to do the necessary work to fix our broken system. I wish the Democratic nominee congratulations and the best of luck in the general election. I look forward to my next chapter in public service, and I will continue to fight to improve public education in our communities.

My daughter and Georgia’s 1.6 million children deserve it.

Yours in Service,


State Representative Alisha Thomas Morgan

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